Plan a Mickey or Minnie Mouse Theme Party using Mickey or Minnie themed personalized invitiations found on etsy, ebay or amazon. Include a picture of your child to make it even more personalized. Shop at Party City for Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse inspired decorations such as balloons, party hats, table cloths, and party decor!  Play music using the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Radio Station found on pandora or amazon music. Play games such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hide N' Seek. Print out pictures of the Mickey Mouse Gang and glue on popsicle sticks. Hide the pictures around the house and have children try and hunt for specific characters. Another favorite game is called Goofy's Hat O' Goofs. In this game have children sit in a circle and pass around Goofy's hat while the music is playingl. When the music stops the person that is holding the hat reaches into the hat and pulls out funny challenges such as: make a funny face, crabwalk acrooss the floor, sing happy birthday using a Donald Duck voice, bend behind your head, spin around in a circle for 10 seconds etc. 


   Paw Patrol themed birthdays are a popular themed party for both boys and girls.  Try out some of these tips to make your party extra fun. Create dogfood dish place setting for kids. Visit a dollar store near you and purchase dogfood dishes which you can personalize for each child.  Make boneshaped rice crispy treats as party favors or dessert. Purchase plastic hard hats at the dollar store and embellish them with felt puppy ears. Bake cupcakes and decorate them with marshmallows creating paw prints. Give out puppy chow as a party favor. Fill a small ziplock bag with M&MS and label it as Dog Chow. Visit Party City for Paw Patrol balloons, invitations, and decorations. Some fun Paw Patrol games are:
Skye's Loop N Hoop Game-
For this game purchase hoola hoops from the dollar store and hang using string from a tree at various heights. Create paper airplanes and have children try and get their airplanes through the hoola hoops. Check out this video tutorial on how to create paper planes. 
All of the pups have lost their rides and don’t know where to find them and Ryder needs everyone’s help. Now it is up to your guests to bring all of them back their rightful owners and quickly.
For this game you will need to print out a picture of each of the pups and a picture of their rides. 
Keep all of the pictures of the pups out and place them on a table. You will need to hide the pictures of the rides around the room. Depending on the age group you are dealing with you can do things to make them easier to find. For example you can tape some to the walls, lay one out on a table, one on a window, or hanging from a ceiling fan pull cord. Once all the vehicles have been collected they must match them up to the rightful owners. You can reward everyone with a small prize for their hard work!